Our Mission Statement

Bringing Information to Families at Their Location & Emphasizing the Importance of High Quality Early Learning.

  • An Outreach Program Focused on Students in Meadville

    Our mission is to improve the awareness, utilization & perception of Early Childhood Education in Meadville PA by building trusting relationships with families, strengthening partnerships with schools, supporting transitions into Kindergarten and improving connections to community organizations that enrich prenatal through 3rd grade (P-3) outcomes.

    This new community initiative provides connections to early learners in the area. Going Places outreach will allow families to experience an early learning environment firsthand with an interactive model preschool classroom. The Mobile Learning Lab will make scheduled visits to events in the community to bring resources to families. There will be information about early learning opportunities in the area, details on kindergarten registrations, sign-ups for the Early Learning GPS, and ways to get kids in gear for school!

    According to the US Department of Education website, research has found that providing infants, toddlers and young children with consistent, language rich experiences – talking, reading and singing – greatly benefits their brain development and school readiness. By promoting school readiness and involving parents and families as decision makers, caregivers can become leaders for their children.

    P-3 What is it?

    P-3 refers to the alignment of opportunities a child has for learning from birth through 3rd grade. According to Kauerz & Coffman (2014), the vision for Pre-K-3rd grade approaches is to improve the quality and coherence of children’s learning opportunities, from the experiences they have before they enter the K-12 system and extending through elementary school. Ultimately, comprehensive Pre-K-3rd grade approaches hold the potential to improve child outcomes and to prevent or close achievement gaps (Kauerz & Coffman, 2014).